Watch// Musical number crunching

Ginger Snaps drops video for infectious hip-pop single.

Ginger Snaps channels Beck in hit new single Number Crunching

From the moment we first heard — and subsequently fell in love with — Ginger Snaps‘ latest single Number Crunching, we have been eagerly anticipating the inevitable music video for it. Finally, it has arrived and it is as 90s-inspired and barbed tongue-in-cheek as we had imagined.

Instead of following the very typical office-job lipsync scenario that he could easily have produced, Ginger Snaps has opted to use the video to set sights on the music industry and its cash-grab mentality. In particular, the video sets about highlighting the mass production and distribution of music as a product rather than an artform, as well as the rapid manufacturing of new pop heartthrobs. All of this is complemented by several shots of Ginger Snaps performing in a number of decidedly 90s outfits, just in case there were any doubts as to the source of the artist’s influence.

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