Listen// Eat all your vegetables

Annabel allum gives inner-conflict a surrealist indie-punk makeover… with veggies.

Annabel Allum releases indie-punk anthem Eat Greens - Fresh Beats 365 review

It’s unlikely that when you were told to eat all your vegetables as a child, you would make any sort of comparison between eating vegetables and the age-old battle of right versus wrong. Fortunately, Annabel Allum was able to form the link between the two and, as such, we’re all privileged to be in the presence of new single Eat Greens.

Channelling the spirit of late eighties proto-Grunge, Allum lazily delivers a sermon of disillusionment and self-analysis atop a blaze of overdriven guitars and minimalistic but muscular drums. This makes for a track that uses the trademark quiet-loud dynamic to create a “lose your shit” atmosphere while also creating the greatest singalong moment of modern indie-punk.

Even better than its musical prowess is the meaning of the track. As Allum herself explained, “Eat Greens is a song about the conflict of doing what you feel is right and what you think is wrong. Doing what you want as opposed to doing what you need. Finding balance. Searching for balance. What is balance? Self destruction and self love. Vegetables.”

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