Listen// Pleas from the friendzone

Sidizen king tackles an age-old dilemma with electro-funk rhythms.

Whether you are a heartbreaker or the heartbroken, everybody has had at least a brief experience with the friendzone. Chances are, if you have ever been stuck in it, you’ve responded by burying yourself in an endless succession of aggressive, angsty tracks that give voice to your feelings. Fortunately, there’s now an infectious, chilled out alternative to play on repeat.

On first listen, Sidizen King‘s new single Roll The Dice feels almost like a cash-in on the heartache. As his smooth vocals slip across the bed of silky beats and funked up electronic rhythms, it’s almost impossible to believe that King has ever experienced any romantic trouble before. It’s just too smooth, cool and collected.

Yet this is exactly what the world needs. There isn’t enough smooth, funked up hip hop that tackles the friendzone in such a mature and articulate way. King’s way with words turns what could be a feeling of defeat, despair and disillusionment into an uplifting and inspiring number ideal for everyone — friendzoned or not.

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