Listen// The Stone Roses haven’t sounded this good in YEARS

New single by Colour of Spring shows everything The Stone Roses reunion tracks should have been.

We’ve all heard the story of The Stone Roses by now, but just in case: band drops legendary record and defines an era, disappears for years, returns too late and drops an overblown follow up, splits, reforms two decades later for endless tours and then proceeds to drop a series of ‘meh’ singles. More or less, that’s the basis of the story. For many fans, the sense of nostalgia is enough to make the live shows good, but the new material doesn’t enjoy the same rose-tinted acceptance.

Fortunately, fans now have an alternative. New indie outfit Colour of Spring has just dropped Echoes, a song that feels like a straight cut from The Stone Roses’ debut. While the guitars are steadier and more reverberated, the riff itself is in the same vein as I Wanna Be Adored without feeling like a direct copy. Likewise, the vocals carry the same hazy carelessness and lethargy that made Ian Brown iconic in the 80s. The entire track is essentially a modernised take on what has come before, recreating the atmosphere and the statement for a new generation that would otherwise not get to enjoy it. Fortunately, the gift of looking back means that the band is able to apply elements of shoegaze and modern indie-pop to the mix, creating something that unique, distinct and infectious.

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