Listen: Blistering intensity from PLAZA

Indie outfit’s new single is a descent into chaos.


It’s become a fairly clean-cut divide: alternative music is defined by crunchier tones and a harsher use of overdrive and distortion, while indie sounds are driven by echo and reverb. Sure, there’s overlap, but those two definitions stay true throughout. Generally.

Enter PLAZA, whose latest single Deep in my Head is a blistering affair that starts on a relatively unassuming indie note. There’s echo-laden guitars guiding the way while you’re accompanied by oddly ethereal vocals, brooding basslines and subdued rhythms. Give it time, though, and the song devolves into a pit of primal intensity that brims with passion, power and pure alternative spirit. It’s a strange shift, which completely alters the feeling of the song, but PLAZA pulls it off perfectly.

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