Listen: Get addicted to The Feeling

Electropop-rock act Sleeptalk drop addictive new track with producer Rouxx.


The topic of addiction is never an easy 0ne to tackle musically and the best many artists can hope to achieve is a track that masks melancholy behind an infectious rhythm. Sleeptalk‘s latest offering, the sprawling electropop powerhouse that is The Feeling, is just the latest in a long line of musical ventures into the underworld of addiction, and also the latest to pull it off.

Teaming up with producer Rouxx, the track is a standard electropop track embellished with a catchy chorus and the occasional interjection of a funked up guitar line. It’s a song with a lot going on, which is both to its merit and its detriment. The busy sound certainly reflects the hazy headrush and loss of focus brought on by addictive behaviours, but it also makes this a song that might be a bit of a hard sell on traditional radio stations – a shame really, because the track is packed full of memorable melodies and rhythms that make it among the top electropop tracks of the year to date.

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