Watch: The faces of FEiN

Alternative outfit releases music video to #Grownupz.


#Grownupz is the song that first put FEiN on most people’s radars in 2014, with it having played a big role in both the EP and album that the band released last year. With few ways of the band realistically revisiting the track this year, FEiN has opted to finally release a music video for it.

For a band that has done so well at subverting the ordinary and carving its own space in the indie scene, the music video doesn’t possess the kinds of qualities that we’ve all come to expect from FEiN. More or less, it’s your standard performance piece with occasional multicamera edits that make it feel a little bit more artistic. FEiN’s now recognisable handdrawn people make appearances to bookend the video, but there’s no narrative to the video overall and it feels like a missed opportunity.

It’s a good chance to see the band behind the hit song, but there is a narrative still waiting to be explored.

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