Listen: The Brazen’s grand return

Epic new single is a grandiose return to form for indie-alternative band.


With only one EP already under its belt, The Brazen isn’t exactly a world-beating household name in the indie-alternative scene. However, that hasn’t slowed the outfit down and new single Delusion brings the stadium-beating orchestral energy typically reserved for mainstream comebacks.

Opening with sprawling guitar lines and rampant drum rhythms, the track doesn’t immediately set itself out as much beyond that of another indie-alternative song. It’s pretty much a stadium-rock track much in the vein of a ballsier U2, which isn’t necessarily bad but isn’t anything strikingly impressive. That is until the orchestral strings begin to come into the mix, merging with the epic guitar lines for a hard-hitting chorus and a series of dramatic stings that reshape the entire track over the course of several, one-second-long bursts of individuality.

The Brazen has wasted no time in establishing themselves as a big band with a bigger sound. It’s a step forward from the previous EP, and it’s certainly one in the right direction.

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