Listen: The tenderness of Sandro Cavazza

Brooding pop artist releases acoustic-led new single.


If you’re familiar with Sandro Cavazza, you’ll know that he’s a master of brooding, semi-apocalyptic pop gems. However, we’ve currently only seen him apply his skills to grandiose tracks with swells of electronic instrumentation, with What It Feels Like not being your conventional type of single. Fortunately, Cavazza is giving us a taste of tenderness with new single Don’t Hold Me.

Showing that Cavazza undoubtedly has a penchant for string instrumentation and dramatic stings, the orchestral element that made his previous single so powerful still holds string here. Yet it is dominated by a sombre and gentle picked acoustic melody that gives a completely different feel to the song. While Cavazza’s aching heart is as heavy as ever, the instrumentation allows the vocal to project itself in a way that it wasn’t able to previously.

Don’t Hold Me is a deeply personal and moving anthem of defeated defiance, and is testament to Cavazza’s innate pop magnificence.

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