The best of… March 2017

The songs that made March 2017 worthwhile.


Ginger Snaps – Numbercrunching

Number Crunching perfectly channels dissatisfaction with office jobs and corporate hairstyles without being preachy, instead opting for the quiet grumbling and lethargic loathing approach. It does this with 90s flair, sounding an awful lot like a lovechild of Beck and Harvey Danger.

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Auction for the Promise Club – Moonlight

Moonlight is worlds apart from the ethereal material AFTPC used to excel in, with a fuzzed up bassline and a stadium-rock styled guitar line creating an apocalyptic backdrop for the inimitable vocals of Zoe Chambers. In the run-up to the outfit’s debut album, nothing could set the tone better.

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Seeing Hands – Love You Still

This is dreampop done right. Spacious guitars expand outwards in all directions to form a shimmering cascade of sound that, coupled with echoey vocals and loose rhythms, leaves listeners in a state of blissful tranquility.

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Allday ft. Japanese Wallpaper – In Motion

A chilled out rap ballad with gentle instrumentation and a caring vocal delivered raspily and tenderly, with the lullaby-like electronic backdrop taking everything to the next level. Perfect, easy-listening rap.

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Ben Maxwell x Sandro Cavazza – What It Feels Like

Turning up the tempo and replacing the dramatic hooks with a rhythmic electronic build, Maxwell’s version dials up the club appeal of Cavazza’s original and makes it easier to slot into DJ sets.

Read more here.


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