Listen: FEiN gives up on normality

New single from FEiN is outfit’s weirdest yet.


FEiN is a band that has absolutely no qualms with being as distinctly strange as possible. The duo has always a unique approach to songwriting, usually combining instrumentation and vocal styles that are slightly on the frayed edges of being normal and packaging it in an accessibly normal way.

Well, the band has thrown that out the window for new single P.A.R.T.S. In fact, there are very few words that you can ever use to explain away what is going on in the track. If you were to think of the standard type of FEiN sound and then intensely modulate it through all types of sonic fuckery, you’d get something marginally more normal than this. It’s got a solid melody running through the centre of the confusion and some sweet funked up guitar riffs that occasionally creep into the mix, but overall it’s a landslide of everything you’ve come to expect.

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