Listen: The sound of optimistic despair

Heart Years ponders the nature of existence on hazy new dreampop single.


It is an undeniable part of human life that all things good and bad fade in time and fall away from us. While that might be the most depressing line we’ve ever used to open a piece before, the single we’re covering is fortunately much more hopeful.

Dreampop artist Heart Years‘ latest single The Great Fades explores this idea of disappearing pleasure. The single lumbers along on a minimalistic rhythm section and a wall of bubbling synths that create a very unique atmosphere. It’s overwhelming, but it maintains an element of hopeful optimism that the vocals mirror.

What begins as a song lamenting the changing nature of life gradually builds into a rejection of this very thing, with the song ultimately functioning as a defiant call to action. Heart Years is determined to hold onto the great things he has found and he wants you to do the same, with this as your mantra.

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