Watch: Ladonnis’ dark religion

Ladonnis prays to the wrong god in new video for Hallelujah.


Religious conceit is in no short supply in hip-hop and rap, but few do it as well as Ladonnis does in his new music video for Hallelujah. Aside from the obvious religious reference in the title alone, the video itself does a brilliant job of playing on and contorting the semantics of the song itself to make a strong statement on the shortfalls of divine intervention.

Yet Ladonnis has so much more going on that an artistic music video. The song itself makes two things very clear: the first is that Ladonnis is on peak game, dropping lines that flow lyrically and melodically to make the song accessible, while the second is that Ladonnis is taking the game forward.

There’s an unspoken standard of the type of instrumentation that is commonplace as rap backing tracks, yet Hallelujah’s sound defies that. Unconventional synth stylings and electronic workings make sure that this a song that captivates from the first note right the way until the closing chanting.

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