Listen: Anthemic new single from Secret Cameras

New alt-rock single It Doesn’t Matter is the band’s most anthemic offering to date.


It feels a bit presumptuous to refer to a single as being a band’s most ambitious and anthemic track to date when the band has only released a handful of songs overall. However, Secret Cameras has just dropped a single so good that referring to it in any other way would be to do it a disservice.

The band previously impressed us with the captivating Going Places last year, but It Doesn’t Matter is on another level. Every line of instrumental in the track is designed to propel the listener forwards, from the picked two-note rhythm of the guitar to the climbing bassline. This, combined with lyrics delivered at an easy-to-replicate pace and expansive sound, makes for a modern alternative anthem that is naturally designed for stadium audiences. It’s a pretty good indication of where Secret Cameras is heading.

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