Listen: Blissful electro-ambience

There will be no better use of two minutes than Ambiere’s Tree of Life.


You can’t do a lot in two minutes. If you’re lucky, you might be able to eat a snack, stretch or urinate. However, there are much better uses of this short period of time – and one of the best is de-stressing and relaxing to the tune of Ambiere‘s latest single Tree of Life.

If you were to imagine a gentle union of world music, ambience and electro-indie, you’d be along the right lines for this track. In the hectic hubbub of modern music, there seems to be a lack of truly relaxing music. What Ambiere achieves in two minutes with Tree of Life is more effective than several years of easy-listening or chillwave.

The vocals are as gently angelic as the instrumentation, until the second half of the song when things pick up to carry listeners away. This is more than just a soothing break; it’s a miraculous journey that transports you to somewhere better, blissful and wonderful.

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