Live video: First class performance from Goan Dogs

Outfit brings its unique indie-cum-psychfolk style to intimate London event.


Sofar Sounds is an organisation that brings a lot of good opportunities for new artists. Over the past few years, it has built up quite a strong profile of putting on well-received intimate shows with talented artists. It also gives the chance to discover some slightly unusual stylings, such as Bristol’s Goan Dogs.

Goan Dogs is not an outfit that fits comfortably into any specific genre. In this performance of Flying Business Class, for example, the music blurs country-rock and psychfolk into a strangely hypnotic composition. It’s not something that you’d expect from any artist. If you imagine a strange mash-up between The Lumineers, Noah Gunderson, Gaz Coombes and Black Keys, it’s somewhat similar to Goan Dogs.

Yet as this performance proves, it’s a sound that still works well in live settings. The more experimental a sound, the higher the risk that it will be forcefully confined to a recording studio. But every aspect of this performance, from the funky bassline to the doom-laden drum beats and brilliant backing vocal harmonies, is fine-tuned to perfection. Goan Dogs have an odd talent, but a marvellous one at that.

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