Late night dreampop

Healyum drops the most remix-necessary dreampop track of all time.


It’s really, really difficult to envision any sort of scenario where a dreampop track would be perfectly suited to soundtracking a late night indie club. Thankfully, Healyum has the vision that we lack and her latest offering Three Months is a dramatic track that sounds good now but is also begging for a remix.

Despite its soft sounds, the track is embued with a sense of urgency. The track’s structure is the typical indie build up to a large chorus release, but it’s been condensed into a much shorter timescale than usual. Within the first minute and a half, the song has actually gone through two seperate builds and two explosive choruses. It’s this pacing that makes this much more than just another dreampop track and something more suited for late night listening.

The fact that Healyum’s voice has the perfect tonality and delivery for club environments, and that the lyrics focus around acceptance of a break up, simply seals the deal. It’s a powerful and highly enjoyable track that can be made even better with a remix – any takers?

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