Hypnotic EDM

New single from Shanahan and Ruby Prophet changes the EDM game.


When you typically think of EDM, it conjures the same sort of mental imagery each time. That imagery is generally either that it’s going to be expertly polished and flawlessly produced, and that it’s going to be a sheer thrill and not engulf listeners in the same way that house might.

However, Shanahan and Ruby Prophet are working together to change that. The new joint offering from the two, Wasting Time, is a glorious slice of EDM heaven that combines an intense rhythmic momentum with mesmerisingly hypnotic vocals for something that feels like it has taken influence from traditional club EDM and midnight house.

Yet not only do the vocals tip the scale away from run-of-the-mill EDM in terms of impact but also delivery. While the melody is nothing special, each line is delivered in a way that feels almost unscripted and unrehearsed… but this is far from a negative. Instead of sounding sloppy, it sounds more fun – especially when coupled with bouncy synths and well-produced instrumentation. It’s a more realistic sound, and certainly one that will sweep up the drunken reveller in wonderful singalong in the midst of a club set.

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