An alternative to The 1975

New single from Sleeptalk positions the outfit as one to watch in 2017.


If you were to throw CHVRCHES and The 1975 into a blender, chances are the resulting concoction would be similar to Sleeptalk. With 2017 just around the corner, the band’s newest single Indio, California looks set to make them a name to keep an eye on in the coming twelve months.

The reason the band is likely to prove successful is their charming brand of infectious alt-rock. It’s nothing new in its own right, but it does keep them true to a sound that many bands are seemingly moving away from. The 1975, for example, gained a lot of momentum on the strength of the first album’s clear alternative leanings, but these sounds barely appear on 2016’s follow-up release. In that space of confused fans eager for some winding alt-rock with pop hooks and cutting guitars, Sleeptalk prevail.

Indio, California is quite similar — particularly in terms of music video setting — to The 1975’s Robbers, but with substantially more passion and intensity behind it. Every vocal is emotionally delivered from the gut, all guitar notes sound like a powerful scream of anguish and each drum beat is only shades away from doom. This song hits you right in the feels and drains you, and it will do it over and over again.

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