Big close to a big year for Two Friends

Two Friends drops huge Tove Lo remix to close successful year.


If a band has a successful year, there’s always some unspoken expectation that they do something big to wrap up the annum. Whether that’s a big blowout tour or a huge single, fans will always want something nice to close a year properly. Two Friends understands this and, as such, the outfit has just dropped a huge EDM remix of Tove Lo’s Cool Girl.

It’s interesting to note how little Tove’s voice has been altered for the remix. While the original may have been significantly slower paced, the vocal is seemingly naturally suited to a more energetic EDM remix. That isn’t to imply that Two Friends has done little to the track – this remix is a completely different animal to the original – but it’s a testament to the outfit’s artistic ear that it didn’t needlessly manipulate the vocals just for the sake of making a bigger change. As such, this doesn’t feel like a remix as much as the way the song should have always been.

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