An island of electro-indie glory

Zola Blood drops killer new single that would make TDCC sweat.


There’s been a fair few occurences of indie bands taking on a more electronic feel in 2016. One of the most notable, as we discussed in a previous piece, was the third album offering by former indie posterboys Two Door Cinema Club. But if TDCC were to be considered one of the biggest (now) electro-indie outfits of 2016, they may very well look to lose that title in 2017.

Zola Blood, who impressed us in the past with previous single Heartbeat, has just dropped the moody electro storm that is Islands. It’s a track with an indefinite TDCC feel, though it’s much more subdued and isolated in its sound. Instead of being an engulfing explosion of positive energy, Islands is a sound that secludes you in beauty and melody. Staccato claps, retro synth pulses and crystallised indie guitar riffs create a semi-shoegaze bubble of brilliance, which takes three glorious minutes to burst.

Islands is a single designed to transport you – and potentially a beloved – to a secluded world that only you know. As lead singer Matt puts it, “A friend of mine was telling me about an evening she spent with her boyfriend of the time, getting rained on all night in a tent and said in passing that they felt like an island.

That imagery just stuck in my head. The track is about drifting off with someone, forgetting who you are or where you’re supposed to be.

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