The band with the right noise

Knox Hamilton perfect a Beach Boys Christmas classic.


If you’ve ever listened to The Beach Boys’ Christmas record, chances are your ears will have clocked the short but wonderful track The Man With All The Toys. Knox Hamilton certainly did, and the outfit has knocked out a glorious cover of the track – one that is arguably even better than the original itself.

While The Beach Boys are reknowned for their angelic falsetto harmonies, the original of The Man With All The Toys didn’t catch the outfit at its greatest. The high notes were perfect, but some of the lead vocals fell flat and it was disruptive to the listening experience. Fortunately, Knox Hamilton does not fall down at these same hurdles.

The harmonies in this version are as melodic and well-rounded as the original, with a lead vocal that delivers each note as it should always have been. It doesn’t deviate too much musically, sticking fairly closely to the Beach Boys version without much to make this immediately identifiable as Hamilton’s take on it. But since they’ve improved the listening experience overall, and it is a Christmas classic, this is certainly not a big problem.

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