Do your thing

New track from Ava Lake is a powerful late night soul-pop gem.


Truly soulful vocalists are quite difficult to find. It’s relatively simple to find a singer that has a powerful voice, strong sense of melody or a distinct emotive quality, but finding one that can fit into a soul sound is substantially harder.

Cue Ava Lake, a soul-pop artist that has just dropped one powerful track to demonstrate her soulful vocals and pop prowess. Do Your Thing is musically in the same vein to a lot of modern chart-dominating pop artists, most notably Iggy Azalea, so it is nothing remarkable in that respect: it’s certainly good, but nothing that is outstanding on its own value. Lake’s vocals, however, are where the track captivates and enchants listeners. It is instantly, recognisably different to many – if not all – other artists. Singing in a lower register than female pop artists will typically dare to, Lake is unafraid of to showcase every bit of what distinguishes her from the rest of the pop scene.

In an age where higher pitch seems to be flavour of the month, Lake’s lower tones and use of more sultry vocal loop hooks is a breath of glorious fresh air.

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