Indie-alternative for the masses

Wyland channels U2 on moving indie-alt anthem.


Like it or not, there is no denying that U2 is one of the world’s greatest examples of a band that can take the jangly guitars and driving drums of indie-alternative and make effortless anthem after effortless anthem. As stadium-pop bands go, U2 is the benchmark.

That’s the case for now, at least. Indie-alternative foursome Wyland has just dropped its latest single Lights Go Dark, a deeply U2-indebted single that gives us possibly our first glimpse of the future heir to the stadium-pop throne. The track, which serves as an ode to kindness and hope, is almost identical to an early-90s U2 track from a musical perspective: there is a lot of echo-laden guitars, the drums nudge the song forwards and are widely understated, and even the vocal deliveries sound oddly Bono. It’s well-crafted, but the distinctions are relatively small.

So what makes this band worthy of note? Well, we have under good authority that Bono is in no way associated with Wyland. That therefore gives them the upper hand, by taking the preachy and divisive figurehead out of the equation. What you are left with is a rousing anthem that is designed with stadiums and festivals in mind, with endless opportunities for singalongs and lighters. This could be the moment of sea change for Wyland.

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