A shimmering indie landscape

Arcadia returns with a devastatingly atmospheric new single.


Striking a balance between echo-laden guitar melodies and atmospheric tones can be hard. Since indie began to borrow more heavily from the dreamlike tones of shoegaze, establishing any sort of sense of atmosphere or tension has proven difficult for many artists.

Yet Arcadia appears to have got the balance right, with new single Silhouette perfectly blending blistering alt-rock and hazy indie guitars into one dreamlike track with excitement and tension coursing through its every note. With a distinctly melancholy introductory build that also falls to a relatively gentle close, the track plays out to be one of the most wholesome tracks to ever clock in at under five minutes. The marriage of relentless drums and shimmering verse guitars is an unusual but welcome one, and one that greatly complements the more rough-and-ready choruses and middle eight. Throw in some vocals that are reminiscent of a deity howling anguish into the wind, this is an intense offering from Arcadia.

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