A polished vision of grunge

New single by Fervid brings Grunge tones to radio-friendly pop-rock.


When you think of grunge, the first thing you’d tend to think of is abrasive guitar-driven music that is anti-mainstream and noisy. That is if you’re a purist, at least, and think more of In Utero-era Nirvana than the Nevermind period. Unfortunately, the pent-up aggression of grunge has equated to neglect by and large, with bands replicating the sound seldom emerging from under the radar.

That is until you find Fervid, a Netherlands-based rock outfit that seem to embody the spirit of grunge with a modern aesthetic. The outfit’s latest offering, Nowhere To Turn, is a two-minute slice of radio-friendly, aggressive alt-rock that spans the distance between grunge and pop-rock. While the opening riff may ring of the typically, over-aggressive grunge-punk guitars, the band soon change pace with a reserved chorus. It’s the standard quiet-loud dynamic that worked wonders for Nirvana, but it’s delivered in a satisfyingly modern way and has just enough of a bouncy rhythm to prevent it getting weighed down with distortion.

Yet it’s not too surprising that the band accurately capture the grunge sentiment, given that they formed in 1998. They experienced the rise of the grunge phenomenon first hand and have the benefit of a contemporary music presence to keep them feeling fresh and exciting. Long live Fervid.

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