Ms Henrik fulfils your 80s desires

Androgynous pop artist brings 80s vibes to confusingly enjoyable new single.


Sometimes, something is just fun to listen to beyond all rhyme, reason and rationale. Take Banshee, the latest single from Ms Henrik, for example. The track has a sultry beat and a sinister vocal delivery for the most part, complete with 80s-kissed synths and 60s drums. Then the chorus hits, and things get quite confusing.

Banshee is one of those tracks that were synonymous with the indie movement several years ago, where words fall away and are replaced solely with memorable noises instead. As such, the chorus of the track feels more like a release of enjoyment and euphoria than anything intelligible, which is exactly what it is. On some levels it’s quite an annoying sound, but it’s one that takes on the role of a guilty pleasure after the second repetition. If having a soft spot for 80s music wasn’t a guilty pleasure enough, Ms Henrik has just dialled up the guilt – and the pleasure.

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