Fall in love with RIZES

RnP outfit drops killer new single with big, radio-ready chorus.


RnB and pop are two genres that have been very closely linked in recent years. Finally, after years of flirting, the two genres have been bound together in unity with the latest release from RIZES. The track, entitled Love, is the glorious birth of the Rhythm and Pop (RnP) movement. Even if that genre doesn’t catch on, this song definitely will.

The steady rhythms of RnB play at the core of Love, with the rumbling bass stabs and constant ratatatat of high-hats proving to be infectious after about thirty seconds. This is combined with the vibrant vocal deliveries and bouncing synth melodies that open the single, making for something that is upbeat in its own right but also begging to be remixed. In fact, this element points to the only slight flaw in the track. While it is perfect for radio play due to its peerless use of a quiet-loud dynamic and big drops, the rise/fall styling means that it won’t find its way into club sets without a remix.

Regardless of that, the track is infectiously powerful and perfect for the pre-drinks playlist.

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