An atmospheric club hit

New music video from KLP captures the atmospheric intensity of Ember.


It’s always fascinating to see the way that an artist’s professional career colours the way that their music is expressed. Businesspeople, for example, rarely fare well in the field on composition whereas more creative professions are much more successful. KLP, for example, is the host of Triple J’s House Party radio show. As such, her new solo project is expertly crafted and curated party music with a solid club rhythm and a phenomenal sense of semi-euphoric atmosphere.

So what better way to express that than with a moodily shot music video featuring people enjoying the track itself? It’s nothing flashy and nothing exceptionally striking, with KLP instead going the route of a minimalistic statement that lets the celebratory joy of the track’s beats come to visual life. As videos go, this is the perfect example of less being more. If there’s one thing that, as a radio DJ, KLP knows better than anyone, it’s that music can – and should be able to – speak for itself.

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