Chill beats and big drops

New single from Disco Fries combines big EDM drops with chilled out sounds.


We’re in the midst of a magical moment for EDM, where previously highly energetic sounds are beginning to calm down a bit and embrace increasingly chilled tones. Take Disco Fries, for example. The outfit has just dropped their newest single, Is It Over, featuring some guest input from Shanahan and Shy Martin… and a lot of chill vibes.

Dialing up the echo and reverb to give everything an ethereal shimmer, the track begins with quite a slow build. Over the course of 70 seconds, the song evolves from an ocean of washed out synths to vocal sample melodies and increasingly intense drums, all before hitting a musical climax and going for the classic EDM drop. In all honesty, this feels a bit of a shame – the pre-drop instrumentation had potential to go to a place far less typical of EDM and make this a truly fascinating twist on the classic structure.

With that said though, a track can only do so much in three minutes and the chilled EDM mash-up is more than a worthwhile trade off. Plus it’s a free download, which always adds that little bit more.

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