This is how you do a low budget video

New video from Slothrust does a lot with very little.


One of the biggest complaints or concerns of newer artists is that they don’t have much of a budget to work with when it comes to their music videos. Yet there is a lot that artists can do with very little, and in some ways this is actually a major strength.

Slothrust (which we’re not sure is pronounced as ‘Sloth rust’ or ‘slo(w) thrust’) are the latest band proving that budgets do not matter for music videos. The post-grunge outfit’s latest, Like A Child Hiding Behind Your Tombstone, is created on a shoestring budget, focusing solely on a rose held in front of the camera. That’s it. That is the hero of this story. Of course, vocalist Leah Wellbaum makes a brief cameo but the rose is truly the subject here.

Yet it doesn’t matter. The greatest strength that Slothrust possess is that the track itself is powerful, combining a powerful use of quiet-loud dynamics with a mix of melodic and monotone vocal deliveries and hints of a dark humour. It’s the formula for a great song and, with that, the video itself does not matter. Slothrust know this and, as a mere formality, produced a video so the eyes have something to do while the ears are in ecstasy.

If ever there was a lesson about music videos to be learned, Slothrust teach it very clearly and effectively here.

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