Everything about this will melt your brain

The ever-unusual Meltybrains? return with trippy new single.


Chances are that, just by hearing their name, you would immediately jump to the assumption that Meltybrains? would be a very bizarre musical outfit. Just in case you didn’t assume that, the band’s new single Know My Name certainly completes the image.

The track is a trippy mix of trance, hip-hop, electronic and experimentalism, with a generous amount of LSD and autotune seemingly thrown in for good measure. It makes for one of the strangest listening experiences that you can conceive, while being hypnotically relaxing and enjoyable. However, there’s a strong chance this comes from the accompanying video itself. The video builds on the hypnosis vibes by basically being a bit like a spiritual journey merged with a moving version of an ink blot test.

What else were you expecting?

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