A sprawling musical landscape

Electronic trio Retiree return with new single Continental.


There’s something special about tracks that feel like they guide listeners around a sprawling musical landscape just by listening. If you want a perfect example of this, just take a listen to Retiree‘s new single Continental, a track that executes this perfectly while blending electronic and indie styles into a cohesive sound.

Over the course of four minutes, the track takes you on a journey through an expansive soundscape that twists, turns and morphs as you move along it. Blurring the lines between electronic music and indie-pop, Continental seems to pay little attention to genre boundaries and more to making this an experience that feels as if it goes somewhere.

Indie guitars are used sparingly, as are numerous other instruments that serve more as embellishment than core components to the track, leaving two key elements throughout: a driving drum beat and a sample of Venetian tides. It’s an interesting driving force behind a track, but it works wonders.

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