Intensely infectious drum and bass

Operation Dankstar’s new single brings hard rock experience to drum and bass instrumentation.


Operation Dankstar is the drum and bass project founded by Baltimore, Maryland musician Michael Klicos. A hard rock guitarist in a former life, Klicos has carved an interesting niche for his sound by combining his love of aggressive guitar riffs with shuffling dance rhythms and electronic instrumentation – resulting in a sound that’s melodic, intense and an undeniably fun listen.

Tastic Anthem, which has just premiered on Soundcloud, is his newest slab of hard drum and bass; a mainstay of Dankstar club sets for quite some time, the song begins as a twinkling, airy little number, before the drop arrives and transforms the track into a slinky, irresistible dub track, complemented by tasteful synth flourishes, and – yep, that’s right – even some subtle guitar overdubs thrown in for good measure.

If you like your drum and bass heavy, but packed with infectious melodies that you’ll still be humming hours after exposure, you may have just found your match in Operation Dankstar.

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