COASTL WOLF will send Shivers down your spine

New York singer/songwriter is ushering in a new era of music.

COASTL WOLF is the name for the New York born singer/songwriter Justin Morrell. His passion for music came from listening to Michael Jackson classic Bad and that’s something which has become evident in his own musical stylings, with him being described as an artist that breaks away from the typical Pop/Rock sound and brings some sexiness to his tracks.

His latest track Shiver is just one such example that breaks the norm in the world of pop. With fun, vibrant vocal layers alongside some thick drumbeats, the outcome is an interesting mix of electro pop and rock that just doesn’t have a typical genre definition.

As if defying genre wasn’t enough, COASTL WOLF also defies tempo and sound. At the beginning of the track, you hear upbeat and fun sounds popping in and out, but as the chorus comes in the focus turns to a slow sultry beat that could have been a separate song entirely.

COASTL WOLF is an artist changing the style in which music can be written, while still producing songs such as this that are catchy and full of pop appeal.

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