Get emotional with Alpines

Alpines’ latest video shows full spectrum of human emotion.


Alpines are quite unusual. In their latest music video, for recent single Heaven, the duo have turned away from the obvious lovestory connotations of the lyrics and have decided that artistic sentiment trumps forced interpretation.

To be honest, this is quite a welcome change. The track itself sits outside the boundaries of ordinary, proving itself more sonically bold and experimental than many other artists would dare to consider while still keeping a strong pop footing. As such, it would be a disappointment for the video not to follow suit. Instead of rolling out the done-to-death storyboard of love and relationships, Alpines have gone with a dramatically shot sequence expressing every human emotion from grief to innocence.

It’s a more confusing one that takes a couple of replays to really get a feel for, but one well worth investing in.

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