The sound of tranquil fragility

New single from Linying is a graceful and tender siren song.


Fragility is a rare thing in music. Just when you think you’ve found it, an infectious beat catches up and turns it into just another emotional dance track. It’s exactly the lack of this that makes Linying‘s new single, Paris 12, so special: there is no upbeat rhythms or dancefloor-filling instrumentation, just pure fragility.

Aside from some minimalistic instrumentation towards the climax, the single very much feels like just Linying’s voice delivering beautiful blows to the heart. The voice is flawlessly stunning, capable on its own of carrying listeners along for almost four minutes without losing engagement. The only rhythms that she needs are those her own vocals can provide, and the end result of this melody is the modern day equivalent of a siren’s song.

Be careful of Linying: her latest single is so pure and graceful it might lead sailors astray and to their beautiful death.

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