Heavenly jazz-tinged R&B

New single from Gabriel combines classic R&B with contemporary freshness.


Messed Up by Gabriel offers up a combination of stunning vocals and old school vibes, causing it to send serious chills down one’s spine. Following the recent resurgence of classic R&B in contemporary culture, the single feels quite fitting despite its throwback nature.

Likewise, by fusing together the distinguishable notes of jazz with the bassier tones of electronic music, Gabriel is surrounded by freshness. In a sense, he is able to encompass the resurgence of R&B by honouring its core characteristics, whilst still giving it a facelift as it were.

As a whole, the single is technically complex but is able to remain smooth and flowing at the same time. If you’re looking for something to accompany your late night *chills* then Gabriel is certainly an artist worth checking out.

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