The best new acts of Y Not 2016

The best emerging artists that killed it at Y Not festival 2016.


From July 28-31, we were fortunate enough to find ourselves stuck in a field in Derbyshire, UK for Y Not 2016. The festival has been going from strength to strength in recent years, so it’s quite easy to look at the headliners (which this year included Madness, Noel Gallagher, The Editors on the main stage alone) and completely forget that there is a wealth of smaller and emerging artists performing.

Whether you attended the festival and missed these acts, or didn’t go and want to know who’s hot right now, these are the top five artists that you should check out right now.

Coasts fall right on the threshold of what we can class as an emerging artist – they’ve received a lot of high profile page recently, and the crowd they drew at the festival certainly puts them in the running to potentially headline The Quarry in 2017.

Their set certainly showed that they were capable. Virtually every song that the indie-rock band performed was rammed full of anthemic quality, with tracks such as Oceans going down an absolute storm. There is a reason that Coasts are already in a position where they can cause The Quarry to overflow and why there was absolutely nobody in attendance in wasn’t either moving or singing along – that reason is that Coasts have everything in place to become the next big indie-rock breakout act.

Electro-rock rarely sounds as good as it did when WHITE destroyed Y Not Festival. Aside from delivering a performance charged with intense passion and infectious rhythms, the outfit has a selection of songs that manage to elevate a memorable set into one that is simply unforgettable. Take Cuts That Don’t Bleed or latest single I Liked You Better When You Needed Me for example – these are two tracks that will never disappoint.

If you’ve ever seen the Lollapalooza episode of The Simpsons and can recall the crowd dancing to Smashing Pumpkins, that is more or less what you expect from a Kagoule audience. Yet despite their angst-driven post-grunge vibes, the band can certainly deliver pop-pleasing tracks that draw a crowd and have the stage presence to hold it. Take a listen to Glue and try to resist getting stuck to this band.

The Tin Pigeons
Despite sounding like they’ll be a folky, Mumford-esque outfit, The Tin Pigeons are masters of indie-pop that is deliriously infectious and immensely enjoyable. Don’t believe us? Give a listen to Sparks and try not to fall in love. If, by some chance, you’re not completely sold on the strength of this song, head over to one of their live shows. While drawing a big audience is one thing, getting everyone dancing and creating a genuinely fun atmosphere is something else entirely – and The Tin Pigeons do just that.

The Assist
Never underestimate the power of The Assist. The indie-rock outfit has transitioned over the past six months from a band that followed closely in the footsteps of early days Arctic Monkeys to one that is willing to experiment with their sound a lot more. The outcome is some fantastic tracks that are just as endearing on a live stage. Just one listen to Nyabinghi shows how different the new material is from earlier singles such as Control, but the two sounds make perfect bedfellows – especially when combined with the attitude that the band give it live.

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