Limno drops divisive new single

Something wonderful/something awful (delete as appropriate).


Some types of music are naturally divisive. Within a few notes, listeners are often compelled to listen intently or are instantly driven away in disgust. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with the song itself, just that the genre it fits into is one of firm opinions. Shoegaze, metal and lo-fi, for example.

Cue Limno, an artist unafraid to divide listeners. Her latest single, Catch It In Your Mouth, exemplifies this perfectly with its blending of grunge, shoegaze and Lo-Fi, making for a track that is either exceptionally wonderful or atrociously awful depending on your inclination towards the genres.
Interestingly, Limno discards the quiet-loud dynamic that many new artists employ and instead goes genre-bending. The verse guitars ring with semi-chromatic tonality through a mix of chorus and echo effects, with a biting underlayer of low fidelity distortion, all accompanied with a disinterested vocal. Then comes the chorus itself, which brings overdriven guitars and a passionately delivered vocal – standing at complete odds with itself, yet somehow working wonderfully (or not, again, depending on your perspective).

Limno seemingly has no fear of being unpopular for the sake of maintaining artistic integrity. Whether you’re a fan of the genres or not, there is no escaping the artistry involved in this single.

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