A melting pot of styles

Victor Perry makes himself known on new single.


One of the Thomasville, Georgia region’s most promising up-and-coming young artists, Victor Perry is slowly but surely making a name for himself with his distinctive brand of soulful, RnB-inflected pop that mixes the earnestness of his rural gospel roots with an eclectic host of modern influences. As his latest track, Rainbows, continues to show, this melting pot of styles is proving to be an effective and inspired starting point for the talented young singer.

As the lead-off track to his new EP 4 AM Nostalgia, Rainbows is a definite slow burner, relying on mostly sparse, intricate guitar picking for instrumentation. The track is all the better for it, though, as it lets Perry’s delicate, feminine voice take centre stage, as it wraps gracefully around the reflective lyrics that touch upon themes of unrequited love. “Memories are dangerous things,” he warns, whilst examining the bittersweet reality “competing for a love I won’t receive”.

It’s a touching torch song in the classic tradition, both poetic yet relatable lyrically – a trait made all the more evocative by Perry’s effortless vocal acrobatics, using his expansive range and dazzling falsetto with precision so laser-sharp it could cut glass.

Fans of slick, emotive balladry, dive in – you won’t want to miss this.

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