Danceable etherealism

Marineros drop indie-pop new single.


Indie-pop outfit Marineros have just dropped their latest offering Torbellion, a slice of indie-inspired pop accompanying a feeling of tranquility and summer disco vibes. Being in the midst of summer, the use of calming vocals against a solid set of beats turns a classic indie song into a dance-inducing machine.

Due to the ethereal nature of the track, its connotations are definitely Shura-esque and reflect a more niche part of today’s music industry. However, unlike Shura, Marineros are more brazen in their approach – something that, as previously mentioned, adds an almost danceable quality to what could otherwise be an unassuming single.

The fusion of disco soundscapes and pulsating beats gives the release a throwback quality, whil keeping a firm grip on contemporary music with its shoegaze-esque etherealism. If your music taste reflects a desire to be transported into a surrounding of sun, sea and sand then you’ll find no harm in indulging in this.

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