Golden track from MIYNT

Alt-pop to kill for with a twist of Lorde and jazz.


Remember a few years ago when the world almost choked on its own collective excitement in the wake of Lorde’s mainstream emergence? It feels like a lifetime ago and, in that time, we’ve been treated to a surprisingly little amount of content from the artist.

Fortunately, somebody has stepped up to the plate to fill the musical expanse left by Lorde’s radio silence. What’s more: she’s arguably better.

MIYNT‘s newest single, the second from her upcoming EP no. 1, is titled After The Gold Rush – and it certainly captures the melancholy one would assume prevails in the situation. Distorted guitars press against ambient electronic backdrops and a steely drum beat to open the track, partnered with a high-registered female vocal. Give it a minute or so, though, and this completely changes. Out goes the instrumentation, in comes a huskier vocal, and an unimitable fascination is achieved.

There are few artists like MIYNT. The latest single is a medley of sounds, influences and experimental flourishes, remarkably unlike anything else yet holding some similarities to Lorde’s brand of alt-pop that took the world by storm in 2013. It’s only a matter of time until the same rings true for MIYNT.

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