A kaleidoscope of colour and sound

A little progressive, a little jazzy, completely unique.


It’s not very often that a kaleidoscopic ray of technicolour light permeates the grey clouds of bland music and safe experimentalism. Then again, it’s not every day you find yourself engulfed on a six-minute-long journey into Kaleidoscope, the latest single and video from Arc Iris.

Taking its own name very literally, the soundscape is crazy. It’s hard to pin the sound to a genre as it swirls between indie-esque guitar pulses, loose drum rhythms, washes of synths, strings that ring out with nuances of classicalism and vocals that beautifully tend to the melody with graceful purity. Describing it is a mouthful, yet still a mouthful of words that frankly fail to do it justice.

It’s an unusual experience and this is wholly reflected in the video. Artistic expressionism and choreography combine beneath a filter of blue tones and a semi-psychedelic kaleidoscope of imagery. It’s nothing spectacularly bizarre, yet something interestingly different – just as the song proves itself to be.

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