2016’s next big hit

Michael McEachern kills it on new single.


While high production values might be a dime a dozen in modern music, it’s surprisingly uncommon that they are coupled with genuinely good songwriting. This is why Money Money Money, the new single by Michael McEachern, is so deserving of praise.

A velvetine voice dances with a steady rhythm section in the midst of tumbling guitar hooks and whimsical walls of synths, all in a loud-quiet structure and covered by high-quality production. In many ways, the new single is the kind of money-grabbing single anybody who leap to attack.

Yet there’s something about McEachern. It’s difficult to determine whether it’s the vocal delivery or just the lyrics themselves, but something feels genuine about him. As he defeatedly and almost bitterly bemoans the pursuit of riches, it doesn’t feel as ironic as it should. McEachern has a genuine knack for hit songwriting, set for big things.

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