2016, the track

Quilici soundtracks everything social media


There’s a strange semi-genre which is occupied by artists who seem to strive to make their tracks as close to the aesthetics of social media montages as possible. Quilici, for example, may as well be the name of an Instagram filter, and his new track Seasick Lullabies may as well soundtrack the video it’s applied to.

It’s hard to find anything unique or interesting in this track at all. The sounds that make the track are the same as everyone else under the same Soundcloud hashtag, the melodies are so predictable they seem like they’ve been constructed by computer algorithm, and the lyrics seem destined to be overlaid images of beach parties or fairy-lit forests. This sort of post-Owl City inoffensive dross is like the modern day equivalent of MySpace artists: content with mediocrity as long as it sounds polished enough. Still, I wouldn’t be too bothered if it came on in the supermarket.

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