Trails and Ways hit indie highs on new single

Indie-pop at its best and a great pre-album taster.


Trails and Ways are a fascinating outfit. The band consists of Keith on Guitar and Synths, Ian on Drums, Kendra on Bass, Lead Guitar and Keys, and Miriam on Bass. It all sounds great… but you might be wondering who the singer is, right?

Well, this band is unique in that all the band members contribute to the vocals. After some research into the band, musically it’s seems they have their niche in their style of writing and playing and it works really well for them. Their music echoes positive thoughts with cool instrumentation and effortless vocals giving you no reason not to listen to one of their tracks whilst having a summer BBQ with your friends. And if you’re going to listen to any, it may as well be newest single My Things.

Immediately, positive vibes disperse from the catchy guitar riffs and soft layered vocals, paired with a memorable hook giving us no excuse not to sing along. The mix of acoustic and electric instruments integrate some traditional sound into this modern indie track, while the pop-style drums and fun carefree lyrics are no doubt going to be enjoyed by the masses of pop-loving teens of today.

The song illustrates stunning harmonies, showcasing the elegant falsetto range of the vocalist and cleverly outlining this with beautiful echo as the track reaches its end point. What is to come with the outfit’s album is sure to be popular among many.

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