LGHTNNG keep it together in new video

Simple but effective videography.


We hate performance music videos. We have ranted, raved and generally bitched about performance piece-to-camera music videos in the past, but it’s not unusual that we’ll find some that take the fundamental principles and actually impress us.

The latest band to shut us up are LGHTNNG, who have just dropped the video to their 80s-tinged electropop single Keep It Together. Rather than just going with the standard performance, this is an amalgamation of a few performances crossed with bright, colourful lighting and some backing dancers to break up the band screen time.

It might not sound like anything particularly interesting or different, but the cuts are done well enough that it doesn’t feel like your typical “we are band, this is us, here is the song” approach a lot of artists take. If nothing else, LGHTNNG are breathing life into performance videos.

To check out our review of LGHTNNG’s 2015 EP, Nights Change Days, click here.

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