Miloux debuts in style

Miloux’s chilled out debut EP is an inevitable success.


Debut releases are always a difficult thing. In the fast-paced musical world we’re currently all spinning in, the first sound an artist makes could very well be there last if it fails to make an impact. There’s little room for error in the make-or-break moments when the listener hits play.

Fortunately, right from opening track Pockets, Miloux‘s much anticipated debut EP – EP 1 – exceeds our expectations, creating a techno-indie feel partnered with a generous helping of musical sass. By juxtaposing ethereal vocals with pulsating disco-like beats, Miloux is a helping of fresh air in society’s somewhat pop-saturated musical market. While her vocals bear a gothic tone, this is soon uplifted by the notable beat as well as the predominant 90s R&B influence. As a result, these lingering tones of Pockets are likely to manifest themselves into a pleasant ear worm and have you wishing that you were hitting up that sun lounger.

Likewise, moving through the EP, it is clear that the likes of Grimes and James Blake have been inspirations. Whilst Pockets is uplifting and dance worthy, Hold It Back creates a more calming ambiance – something which is immediately followed up on by the relaxing beats of Beaches. A remix of the track by Stack and Piece, But these beats soon get a facelift in the remix by Stack and Piece, moving the song from being fitting of 90s R&B to something that wouldn’t be out of place in your local club on a Friday night.

Miloux’s EP works out to be a perfectly well-formulated mix of serene sounds and upbeat harmonies that somehow manage to fit together despite the range covered. It is clear from the amount of detail in each song that Miloux is passionate about her sound and the production too. By combining this attention to detail with her pure talent, it is inevitable that this EP is to be a success.

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