Screaming in the middleground

An interview with noise-rockers Blood Lips.


Blood Lips are one of the hardest hitting and brutal bands around right now. Channeling all the things that make God Damn such a damn good band, the band have a semi-experimental approach to musical compositions. Their latest single Burn After Breeding, for example, seems to bridge the gap between noise-rock and progressive-rock in a way that works.

We were fortunate enough to speak to Blood Lips’ drummer Tom Williams about their latest single, their plans for 2016 and their time as a band in general.


We’ll start by talking about your newest single Burn After Breeding. It’s absolutely brutal yet progressively strange. How did the song develop into this?

It all started with the creepy synth at the beginning. In fact, we might have even had both parts separately. We just somehow found a way to get it all tied together.

Ad [Vocals/Guitar] brought it into the studio and actually seemed to have it all figured out, that in his mind the two sounds would mesh together into one song that made sense. That’s usually how we go about developing songs, with rough ideas that we can then all throw input in on to create something bigger and better. Burn after Breeding especially is a weird one, but it worked out!

It’s always a challenge to develop songs like this properly, because they’re like two halves of two different coins. There is always the chance that it could go horribly, horribly wrong. But sometimes it goes horribly right, which is what we’re trying for!

Where did the unique sound of this song, and Blood Lips in general, come from?

We’ve all been in different bands in the past, but with Blood Lips we wanted to do things a little bit differently to what we’ve played before. It was definitely a long process of refining this sound — we started off being pretty groove-based but we’ve just got noisier as we’ve gone on.

Our sound is based around us getting the two sides, the noise and the grooves and melody. We try to meet in the middle somewhere. It’s pretty much a constant need to strike the right balance, which can be quite difficult. But the two songs we’ve just put out hit that balance quite nicely I think.

The video for Burn After Breeding is as creepy and dark as the track itself…Blood lips interview

That’s Ad again, he found loads of footage and just put it together to best match the soundscape. It works well but we haven’t got any sort of story or message in it. It’s just to match the music and have something that is pretty interesting to watch.

We see a lot of bands that are doing music videos which are performance-based and have them playing instruments for the camera. That’s not really for us. Not necessarily because we don’t like them, but because we just can’t take ourselves seriously enough to do it!

What would you say makes Blood Lips stand out as a band?

I’d say what makes us stand out is that balance of noise rock and melody. A lot of bands seem to like finding themselves safely in one side or the other, but we prefer to go for the middleground and find a sweet spot. Whether that works is up to other people!

So Burn After Breeding gives the feeling that it’s just the beginning of something. Is there any plans for an EP to follow this up?

Yes, there is! We’re just about finishing up the writing of the songs now, so we’re looking to be heading back into the studio to record it in about mid-April.

There’ll probably be about four songs and they’ll be along the same lines as Burn after Breeding — you know, big, dark and noisy but with melody there too. In fact, there’s probably a bit more melody in these new tracks than Burn after Breeding.”

When do you think that EP will be out?

I’d like the EP to be out around the second half of the year ideally, but you can never really tell with these things. We’ll work on it until we’re happy with it and until it gives a clear idea of what we’re about, getting the right balance and things like that.

That’s not to say we’ll slip off the radar though! We might release a couple of tracks separate from the EP before then!

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